Message from the President Board of Directors  

The Caucus Foundation Board of Directors
President & CEO - Lee Miller
Executive Presidents - Co-Founders Chuck Fries & Jerry Isenberg
First Vice President - Vin Di Bona
Vice President CFAN Liaison - Syd Vinnedge
Vice President Grants and In Kind Awards - Jake Rademacher
Vice President Cultural Diversity - Gary Grossman
Treasurer - Dennis Doty
Secretary - Michele Nasraway
Ex Officio Board Member, Caucus Chair - Norman S. Powell
Ex Officio Board Member, Immediate Past Caucus (TBD)

Sharon Arnett
Michael Berk
Mike Dallatorre
Troy Devolld
Albert Fisher
Sally Hampton
James Hardy
Tanya Hart
Gale Anne Hurd
Chas. Floyd Johnson
Mike Kanfer
Stan Lathan
Robert A. Papazian
Herman Rush
David Weddle

The Caucus Foundation Advisory Board
Randall P. Dark
John C. Moffitt
Frank con Zerneck

The Caucus Foundation Non Member Service
Neil Carrey - Legal Counsel
Penny Rieger - Administrator
Holly Wallace - Public Relations

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